Masthead on 13mtr Cruiser racer
Masthead on 13mtr Cruiser racer

Carbon Masts:

All our masts are engineered to meet the requirements of each and individual yacht which is then suited to the environment that the yacht will be used in.

We work closely with the designers, project managers, and sail makers to ensure the product will perform as required

The mast sections are made in One piece and come out of the Autoclave ready to be fitted out , doing this in female Two piece moulds allows for the benefits of a Seamless mast, while getting all benefits of having the local patching and stiffening internal and co cured with the mast leaving a smooth mast wall with no external patching or vertical mast join.

We have a large range of tooling to suit yachts from Sports trailer sailors to 60ft race boats. If your optimal mast section falls outside of a current tool we will build a tool to suit.

All fittings are machined in house on CNC machines, this allows for accurate fitting of parts, and also replacement parts can be supplied or modified as needed.

We also offer a full range of booms, including:

  • Standard laminate booms,
  • One piece Box section Booms with nomex cores
  • Part Avenue style booms
  • Carbon furling booms to suit booms to 46ft.

Contact us for more information or a proposal for your project.

Alloy Masts:

New Zealand Rigging offers a full range of one piece mast sections ranging in size from 124mm x 86mm up to 307 x 190mm. These come in various lengths and all have internal sail tracks.

The Alloy masts can be finished to any stage, including section supply, Kitset and full packages.

The masts can be either painted or anodised depending on the requirements. We are able to offer One piece masts upto 20mtrs anodised at very good rate, so no more welded join lines or screwed and riveted Butt join marks in those Anodised masts.