Life Lines

New Zealand Rigging can provide new or replacement life lines to suit your boats needs in either plastic coated 1 x 19 wire on Plain 1 x 19 wire. Life lines are exactly what the called. Lifelines, they need to be checked and maintained to ensure the safety of your, family, crew, and yourself.

We have a wide range of life line fittings from, pelican hooks, swage fittings, gate fittings, turn buckles and talurit & thimbles.
So next time your are at your boat have a look at the lifelines, if there broken strands in the wire, excessive rusting between the wire and the plastic coating, or excessive rusting between the wire and the swage fitting you should look at replacing your lifelines.

New Zealand Rigging makes it easy and cost effective for you to replace your life lines. Remove your lifelines and courier or drop them off at New Zealand Rigging, we will copy the old lifelines and send you a new set to fit yourself.

You can order life lines, please use the enquiry page or call New Zealand Rigging, or alternatively send your existing rigging to us to have replacements made.